'This book contains nuts!'
The cover should say.
And one crazy day!'



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Better handwriting, fewer tears – Letter Lines handwriting paper is for children who struggle to keep their letters under control! Perfect for homeschooling or practice. 

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World Map of Jokes

Do you know a cracker, a corker or a humdinger? ​Do you still need help to reach the cookie jar? Then put your awesome joke on the new World Map of Jokes!


They're fantastic! They're awesome! Word Searches and Jokes for the most discriminating birthday boy or girl. Each book has been hand-crafted, lovingly coated in fun, and then tested on people who hold their pencil like they're planting a flag. 

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What's that smell?

Cheeky Charlie: Books 1-6

"I not mean to be a silly billy," says Charlie, and it's true. He'll have kids in fits of laughter and parents shuddering with relief…join Charlie in this series of messy, hilarious and outrageous adventures for kids 7+. 

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A gadget-packed, laugh-a-minute adventure set in a remote village. Eccentric headmaster and suspicious step-mum included. Out now.

The Fun Factor, for kids 8+

Tooth fairy been and gone?


A crazy adventure for forgetful children!

What's the Magic Word?

By the time their child is five years old, the average parent* will have prompted them to say please 18,432 times**. Here's a book to help, with illustrations by the fabulous Graham Evans.
What's that word: could it be trees? Seas? Peas? Ozzie just can't remember – and the consequences will have your child in stitches! 
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* They don't come more average than me

** Made-up statistic

Here's what people are saying about Charlie…

'Sweet and funny stories about a naughty-but-nice little boy. Perfect for sharing or for emerging and newly confident readers to snigger at alone.' (Book 1)

'There's an energy and fizziness about these stories that's irresistible' (Book 2)

The Book Bag 

'It is an excellent bedtime storybook... a good read for children who want stories that are filled with fun, adventure, and mischief.'  (Book 2) 

Readers' Favourite ★★★★★

'The author leads you into an open field and lets your imagination run wild before hitting you with a surprise. Cheeky Charlie is cleverly written, witty and funny' (Book 1)

The Brick Castle

'My 6 and 7 year old boys were hooked and can't wait for a sequel. At one point the 7yr old literally fell off the sofa laughing. Buy it!' (Book 1)

V. Hughes - Amazon ★★★★★

'Omg this book is fab! Its cool and amazing- extremely fantastic and elegant and charming and above all: super duper diper [inside joke, hehe]' (Book 1)

Sherry - Amazon ★★★★★

And finally…

Me? I’m a 40-something father of three young girls, living in the south east of England. When I was seven, I wrote to Clive King, author of Stig of the Dump. My letter chased him around the world, only to catch up with him back in London. Bad news: no sequel. But Clive sent my exotically-stamped envelope back and from that age on, I knew I wanted to write. 

Bizarrely, I waited until I was a dad and had the least free time imaginable to get started. I wrote Cheeky Charlie stories to make children laugh without making grown ups cry and it seemed to work. Jokes, puzzles, picture books and more have followed. So could someone else tidy up the Lego?