Give signed books this Christmas!

Giving signed books is great – but you live over there, and I live here. But we can make it work! Here's how.


Buy my books - as many as you like 😀 Get them Amazon or anywhere else.


Make a donation of £1/$1/€1 or more to a children's charity - see below. Screenshot your confirmation.


Fill out this form to let me know asap – and definitely by Sunday 15th December – and I'll send you a signed bookplate for every book (see below)

What will you get?

If you're in the UK I'll send you one of these stickers for you to put on the inside cover of every book you've bought. (I call 'em bookplates to sound fancy. Warning: my handwriting is abysmal.) You choose: Christmas, or regular. Stickers will be sent by 2nd class post in good time for Christmas.

If you're outside the UK: as much as I'd love to, I can't send bookplates abroad – it would bankrupt me! Instead I'll send a personalised bookplate by email (PDF) that you can print out and stick in at home. 

Which charity can I choose?

Take your pick from any of the awesome charities below. The first two are charities I support through my books.

ellenor: for families facing terminal illness in Kent

Chances for Children: helping children in crisis in the UK

Save the Children: changing children's lives in the US and around the world

ellenor proudly supporting badge.png

A charity

of your choice

A public or registered children's charity of your choice

The minimum donation is one pound, dollar, euro or equivalent: you may of course choose to give more. You'll need to screenshot the confirmation page to send me using the request form.

NB: These charities are not connected in any way with this offer, except as the recipients of any donations made.


How much will it cost? The only cost to you is the book(s), plus whatever donation you make to charity. I'll cover the stickers and postage.

Will you write my child's name on it? Of course! You tell me this on the form. I can address it to more than one child, or write one bookplate per child.

Can you write a poem/haiku/life lesson? Sorry, no. Firstly, you'd never read it. Secondly, my arm would drop off.

Have I forgotten something? Email and ask me


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